Have your pudding and eat it too..

Years ago, I used to buy this kind of dessert at Le Gourmet, Jakarta. They sold it for about 100k per 8-inch round mold at that time. Have no idea how much it costs now. It was pricey, but I liked it a lot.

Now after gaining more and more experiences in cooking, means no more overpriced dessert buying 🙂 I can make it myself, in fact it’s quite easy and cheapy. Just spare enough time to make fine layers, and the rest is usual making-pudding-directions.

The recipe was taken from Seri Terampil Membuat Puding Yasaboga. The original recipe was to make 2 layers only; chocolate and orange. Here I modified a bit by adding translucent layer to make it similar to Le Gourmet’s pudding.

Chocolate and Mandarine Pudding


Translucent layer:

1/3 sachet colourless agar powder
350 cc water
1 can mandarine oranges in light syrup, drained
50 gr caster sugar

Orange layer:

2/3 sachet colourless agar powder
500 cc milk
200 cc water
120 gr caster sugar
1 tsp orange flavour essence
A few drops of orange/yellow food colouring

Chocolate layer:

2 sachet (7 gr) colourless agar powder
3 tbs cocoa powder
1 tbs coffee
500 cc milk
200 cc warm water
120 gr caster sugar


Translucent layer:

– Arrange mandarin orange segments on pudding mould’s base in decorative pattern. Set aside.
– Combine agar powder, sugar and water on saucepan and heat the mixture. Stirring constantly then bring into boil. Remove from heat.
– Pour carefully into mould decorated with mandarin oranges, set aside.

Orange layer:

– Combine agar powder, sugar, milk and water on saucepan and heat the mixture. Stirring constantly.
– Add the essence and colouring, then bring into boil.
– Pour carefully on top of translucent layer. Set aside once more.

Chocolate layer:

– Combine cocoa powder, coffe and warm water on a glass. Stir until completely dissolve. Set aside.
– Heat agar powder, milk and sugar on a saucepan. Stir until the sugar has dissolved.
– Pour the chocolate-coffee mixture into the saucepan and continue stirring until well-blend and boiling. Remove from heat.
– Pour carefully on top of orange layer. Chill until serving time.

Serving suggestion

– After the pudding has chilled, remove from mould by turning it upside down, so that the translucent layer will face upright.
– Serve with vanilla or chocolate custard sauce.

puding mandarin-choco

– Before pouring another layer, the previous layer must be formed enough but not stiffed thoroughly, just wait until the surface has set.

– To avoid the mixture becomes set while waiting, simmer on low heat and stir slowly.

– I used Indonesian brand “Swallow” for agar-agar powder, weighing 7 gr per sachet .

– I didn’t use any food colouring nor essence, instead I substituted the water by stealing 200 ml from Ken-chan’s orange juice bottle. Well yes, the yellow color was too pale.. but it’s sufficed for me.

– Since I made this mostly for my 1-year-old son, so I omitted the coffee.


4 thoughts on “Have your pudding and eat it too..

  1. Risa says:

    kemarin baru aja nyobain bikin puding ini tapi berantakan abiiiiissssszzzzzzz! jeruknya kegeser-geser, dan lapisannya juga nyampur. huhuhuhuuuuu….cedih 😦

  2. for Risa:
    mungkin belum terlalu keras udah keburu dituang adonan baru kali, Ris.. jadinya layer-nya belum kebentuk…

  3. Hanny says:

    mo valentine ni booooo’, bagi resep puding strawberry-jeruk dunk.
    kayaknya cucok tuh buat ngepinky-pinky…

  4. ganjen amat sih luuuuu 😀
    sama aja kayak bikin puding ini kok cuy… cuman lu ganti aja coklatnya sama strawberry. jeruknya diganti stroberi juga ajah… atau raspberry…

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