Bitterballen buatan saya resepnya gak beda sama Kroketten/Kroket Belanda. Gak ada perbedaan rasa, yang ada cuma perbedaan bentuk. Kalau kroket dibentuk silinder, bitterballen dibentuk bulat-bulat kecil. Saya sendiri selalu bikin dua bentuk; kroket buat yang tua-tua, bitterballen buat Ken-chan, yang memang doyan banget snack ini.

Nah kalo ini Si pipi bitterballen! Dia tau loh kalo mustard is the best pairing for bitterballen 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bitterballen

  1. abarclay12 says:

    What is inside a bitterballen?? The child looks like he’s going to enjoy it. They look good.

  2. Dear Abarclay12,

    Bitterballen is a Dutch-originated snack, made of roux combined with grated cheese, minced meat, mushrooms and celeries. It’s similar to Kroketten (Dutch Croquette), only different in shape. The child in the picture is my son, and he loves bitterballen 🙂

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