Review: Q Smokehouse Factory

This is the story of the last September. As usual, September is always unusual for us. (Heh?! Naweun sih?! :D)

We celebrate both Go-shujin’s and my birthday on September (and our wedding anniversary as well). Therefore on September 26th, we went out to treat ourselves some nice dinner.

We didn’t want to get stuck into the heavy traffic of pre-Eid shopping spree season, that’s why we chose to have dinner at Q Smokehouse Factory in Kebayoran area, not too far from our house. The place was not too big but quite nice and comfy. The food listed on the menu seems tempting and mouthwatering. But since we just broke our fast an hour and a half before, we were not really being ravenous and just went ‘blank’ when asked what to order. Finally we chose not to order the specialties (coz we wouldn’t be able to savor them 100% anyway) and went for something ‘mediocre’ instead.

The one on the left is Go-shujin’s Iced Cafe Mocha, and the other one is my Iced Green Thai Tea. Mine tasted okay but not special. It was supposed to be served cold, but I requested it hot… and they served to me lukewarm 🙂 Meanwhile Go-shujin said his Iced Cafe Mocha was not too sweet yet delicious.

We ordered French Fries for side dish. It was crispy and tasted good. Perhaps they used buillon for seasoning.

Go-shujin ordered this Q Burger, which according to the menu, filled with high pile of smoked beef brisket, sauteed onion and bbq sauce. And the size was surprisingly quite big. It tasted yummy…! We both loved it, especially the smoked beef.

This one is mine. Chicken Milanese with pasta. Earlier I expected something special from the signature smoked meat. But when I hit it, I found it just like any ordinary chicken cordon bleu.. the same stuffed breaded chicken. One thing that’s different was the sauce. My taste bud traced the taste of cumin there. As for the pasta, well… Ken-chan the pasta boy polished it off.

Total damage for our dinner was around 145k. We agreed that the burger was the most delicious, while the rest was ‘mediocre’ indeed. But surely we’ll come back to try the ribs and sandwich. Or maybe the gratin. Save the specialties for later… definitely not after breaking the fast.

Q Smokehouse Factory

Jl. Panglima Polim IX/16
Jakarta – Indonesia


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