Cupcakes for Papa

Dear Papa,

You know, we will keep on bugging you.. a lot (:P), but we do love you… so much.

That’s why we baked these chocolate cupcakes for you.


(Btw, Ken-chan demands to have the cupcake with the letter K on top of it. Oh, and also the one with the heart. Then you can have the rest.)

– The recipe was called Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” Chocolate Cupcakes. Please visit Hershey’s website for ingredients and directions.

– My first attempt of baking cupcakes. Learnt that the batter should be poured ONLY a teeny bit more than half full.

– Me likey likey the recipe. Easy peasy.

– Pardon the pic. I  really HATE the fact that we practically don’t have a proper cam. This one was taken by iPhone cam (bapuk sangat!).


One thought on “Cupcakes for Papa

  1. shanty says:

    hi…tanya…lucu amat kap keknya ken chan….ken…bude owe you ben 10 cup cake yah..abis sekarnag jarang ke mayestik lagi….suppliernya dah datang ke rumah, tinggal nelpon…hehehe….
    tya…kalo aku bikin cup cake bahannya tak jadiin 1 dimixer, kocok med speed in 3 min….udah deh….tinggal dimasukin ke cup…so simple…that’s why I love to make it…………….

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