who’s cooking?


I’m the shufu herself.

The cook. The baker.

And this particular shufu is just an uninteresting person born in Jakarta (Indonesia), but currently living in Japan, possess great interest in eating, cooking and baking (and those three are definitely interesting deeds!).

I cook everyday, sometimes two or three times a day, for these people:

Go-shujin,.. now 38, who makes money and needs a lot of energy for making money. He’s an architecture lecturer now, and works for more than 40 hours a week (that’s why he eats the most portions. forgiven.)


the shufu herself, yeah that’s me….. still 21….. NOT! 😀 (okay, i’m 34 and still kickin’!), a destined home-maker, the self-proclaimed cook and struggling baker..

… and the apples of our eyes, a little genki happy mushroom named KEN and a blooming beautifully little princess named TIZI

jamur kecil

We’re the pack of four now (at least yet) 🙂

And this… is the ‘compressed’ kitchen in our mansion in Tsudanuma-Chiba.


Tottemo semai…. but I can do a lot in here.

I used to be a very clumsy kitchen fairy.. but in present, anything to do with gastronomical events has become my passion. When I’m finished eating or baking something yummy, I always love running my fingers down the spoon, then lick what’s left. I know it’s so uncivilized, but.. what the heck, .. it’s fun!!! That’s why I couldn’t think of any other word for this written delicious journey except… Fingerlickin’!!!

I mainly write in Bahasa Indonesia, for it’s my mother tongue. Sometimes I could possibly write in English, mostly at times when I think and dream in English. And there’s also times I shove in some Japanese words or phrases, since this language is spoken here in my neighborhood. But either Bahasa Indonesia, English or Japanese, the words here are always about food… the fairy-tales from my tiny kitchen and food-trekking story .. all trying to represent the magnificence of food.

Glory, glory food!!!


-The recipes posted here are either self-created, inherited, given or based on resourceful results. Especially for quoted recipes, to show my respect and gratitude, I will always mention the source. Don’t worry.. I don’t do mismanner.


the shufu herself